I heartily recommend the CONNECT Series. I especially appreciate the biblically-based themes and Christ-centered approaches to the challenging issues of today. Don’t hesitate to use it with your small group!

Dr. Walt Baker
Professor of World Missions and Intercultural Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

“Trying to minister without first understanding how God has gifted you is like spinning your wheels on an icy road — a lot of noise and smoke but little progress. Breakthru is one of the best gift assessment programs I have seen. I recommend its use highly.”

Dr. Howard G. Hendricks
Former Chairman, Center for Christian Leadership

“One of the greatest challenges for every generation is ensuring that the next generation whole-heartedly embraces the life-changing habit of studying the Scriptures. The CONNECT Bible studies are a valuable and well-crafted tool that can play a significant part in this process. Drawing on the experience, biblical depth, and creativity of a skilled team of Navigator staff, these studies provide a pathway into the Scriptures for men and women whose learning styles and way of looking at the world are impacted by our increasingly postmodern society. CONNECT addresses both the great themes of Scripture and the pressing life questions of young men and women in ways that will resonate, motivate, and transform.”

Mike Treneer
Former International President, The Navigators

Breakthru is a ministry that will help you find your most productive place in the Body of Christ. It is meant not only for full-time Christian workers, but for laymen in search of their particular contribution to the kingdom of God.”

Dr. Jerry E. White
International President Emeritus, The Navigators

“Leadership involves the understanding and acceptance of the diversity of people’s gifts, talents, and skills. Primary Roles inventory provides an excellent tool to help determine an individual’s strengths, thus permitting that person to function in an optimal way.”

Bill Mann
Law Partner

This is a very unusual publication (An Introduction to the Mainland Chinese Soul). On the one hand it contains sharply accurate and crisply concise descriptions of Chinese society today and the mindsets of many Chinese, especially young urban professionals. For example, in explaining how networks of relationships work in China, the difference between “insiders” and “outsiders”, or how idealism and pragmatic realism coexist, it clearly portrays the dynamics and complexities of Chinese aspirations today, but it does so in a very reader-friendly fashion. No jargon, and concrete, understandable examples. Yet the result is a perceptive profile of China today that any academic sociologist or anthropologist specialist on China would be hard pressed to surpass for its insights. Yet in addition to its intellectual value, which is considerable, the contents are shaped to serve a distinctly Christian view of Chinese society. This little volume will be one of the most valuable resources available to any non-Chinese Christian hoping to establish meaningful relationships with Chinese people and to understand the Chinese society of which they are a part. I recommend this publication highly!

Dr. Daniel Bays
Professor of History, Calvin College; Editor of “Christianity in China: From the Eighteenth Century to the Present”

I have used 20 or more inventories in helping people discover their spiritual gifts. Ralph Ennis’ Breakthru is the best I have found.

Marilyn Coffield
Navigators Military Staff

Through the shame workshops and CONNECT series, I have learned how to connect with God in dynamic ways due to the unique questions, scripture basis and images portrayed throughout the series. I went through the FREEDOM study with a small group of women and still recommend the entire series as one of the only Bible studies in publication that understand the younger generation and reflect how we process and learn through relevant questions and moving images without losing the importance of scripture as foundational.  It would be a great tragedy were any of these materials to be lost or diminished in any way.

Hannah Umphress