SOUL: Embracing My Sexuality and Emotions

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SOUL: Embracing My Sexuality and Emotions
SOUL: Embracing My Sexuality and Emotions

SOUL: Embracing My Sexuality and Emotions

SOUL: Embracing My Sexuality and Emotions is designed to help people deeply grow in their understanding of meanings of sexuality as well as in their intimacy with God. This journey involves their minds and hearts and wills.

By Ralph Ennis, Judy Gomoll, Rebecca Goldstone, Dennis Stokes & Christine Weddle
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One of the greatest challenges for every generation is ensuring that the next generation whole-heartedly embraces the life-changing habit of studying the Scriptures. The CONNECT Bible studies are a valuable and well-crafted tool that can play a significant part in this process. Drawing on the experience, biblical depth, and creativity of a skilled team of Navigator staff, these studies provide a pathway into the Scriptures for men and women whose learning styles and way of looking at the world are impacted by our increasingly postmodern society. CONNECT addresses both the great themes of Scripture and the pressing life questions of young men and women in ways that will resonate, motivate, and transform. Mike Treneer, International President, The Navigators The CONNECT resources are the best stuff I have seen out there for the 18-35 age generation – and I’ve seen a lot. They are certainly biblically accurate and appealing. These studies are presented in creative ways that, based on my cultural research, can be well understood by our younger generation. They foster true biblical community that is also missional. I believe the Lord can greatly use these studies to open hearts and minds toward spiritual transformation that can lead to spiritual generations. Dr. Christopher Morton, PhD Theology
Chapter 1 Sexuality: what’s sacred about it? Chapter 2 Sexuality: what’s jealousy got to do with it? Chapter 3 Masculinity & Femininity: what’s the difference? Chapter 4 Manhood & Womanhood: how can I embrace my gender? Chapter 5 Sexulaity: how can I handle pleasures, pains & lusts? Chapter 6 My Sexual Being: how can I live it well? Chapter 7 Emotions: friend or foe? Chapter 7 My Emotional World: is change possible? Chapter 9 Beholding God: how does He transform me? Chapter 10 Beholding God: how do I expereince His grace?
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