An Introduction to the Russian Soul

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An Introduction to the Russian Soul
An Introduction to the Russian Soul

An Introduction to the Russian Soul

To understand the Russian people, others must first explore this country's history, culture, and spiritual challenges. This booklet is an excellent overview of the hearts of the people living there. It is highly recommended for anyone interested in working with the Russian people in any capacity. Over 9,000 copies in circulation.

By Ralph and Jennifer Ennis with Paula Rinehart and others.
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Your book is really excellent. It's also written compassionately – your obvious love for the Chinese people. The stories also reflect the realities of life. Your book will be a tremendous help for all who have the Chinese people at heart - and for those who labour both inside China as well as outside, including the many international students going to the Western world. I will be using it myself with many of our potential and present colabourers who are ministering among the Chinese. Jim Chew author of “When You Cross Cultures" This unique booklet blends profound insights into China's history and culture with poignant real-life stories of individuals in China today. The result is both highly informative and deeply touching. Never before has there been such an effective orientation tool for those preparing to serve in China. For those with China experience, "An Introduction to the Mainland Chinese Soul" puts words to the often unspoken feelings that arise when East and West intersect and brings to light the hidden factors that can make the difference in relationships between empathy and misunderstanding. Deceptively simple and straightforward in its presentation, this concise sketch speaks volumes about the roots of contemporary Chinese values and attitudes, including perceptions of the once-foreign Christian Gospel that is now finding fertile ground in the hearts and minds of many Chinese. Its perceptive analysis of Chinese attitudes toward spiritual matters not only reveals the obstacles to sharing one's faith within the Chinese context but also points out natural bridges of understanding that span cultural differences and connect the reality of the Gospel with the realities of today's China. "An Introduction to the Mainland Chinese Soul" is a must-read for all who seek a deeper understanding of China and the Chinese people. Dr. Brent Fulton, President, ChinaSource This is a very unusual publication. On the one hand it contains sharply accurate and crisply concise descriptions of Chinese society today and the mindsets of many Chinese, especially young urban professionals. For example, in explaining how networks of relationships work in China, the difference between "insiders" and "outsiders", or how idealism and pragmatic realism coexist, it clearly portrays the dynamics and complexities of Chinese aspirations today, but it does so in a very reader-friendly fashion. No jargon, and concrete, understandable examples. Yet the result is a perceptive profile of China today that any academic sociologist or anthropologist specialist on China would be hard pressed to surpass for its insights. Yet in addition to its intellectual value, which is considerable, the contents are shaped to serve a distinctly Christian view of Chinese society. This little volume will be one of the most valuable resources available to any non-Chinese Christian hoping to establish meaningful relationships with Chinese people and to understand the Chinese society of which they are a part. I recommend this publication highly! Dr. Daniel Bays, Professor of History, Calvin College Editor of “Christianity in China: From the Eighteenth Century to the Present"
Over 7,000 copies in circulation. 8.5 x 5.5 50 pages
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